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Kirkwood, MO

5.00 Beds, 3.00 Baths
3874 sq. ft.

School District: Kirkwood

Asking Price: $850,000.00

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Festus, MO

2.00 Beds, 2.00 Baths
1240 sq. ft.

School District: Jefferson Co. R-7

Asking Price: $149,900.00

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A new survey found that most U.S. consumers don't know their own score, despite its importance not only in determining whether they can get credit cards, auto loans and mortgages, but also in employment and insurance decisions. The survey found that only 42 percent of consumers know their credit score. Read More >>



How to Make Working at Home Work

(BPT) - Working at home is a growing popular trend. The 2010 U.S. Census reports 9.5 percent of the population spends at least one day a week working at home - an increase of more than 2 percent since 1997. Technology is making it easier for employees and self-employed workers to set up a home office and conduct business. Read More >>



Warm Weather Energy Efficiency Information and Safety Reminders

As customers across the country eagerly await the arrival of consistently warmer temperatures following a record-breaking winter, homeowners are reminded about how they can help save energy and money, and encourage safety around the home. Here are some warm weather energy-savings tips: Read More >>



Trouble Spots for Water Damage in Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary, but everyone has had issues with their home in the past. Whether scratched floors, faulty electrical wires or water damage, issues come up and it’s all part of being a homeowner. Here are a few trouble spots in your home that may be susceptible to water damage. The most logical place to start in your home, is where issues would be most problematic: the bathroom. Read More >>



Tips for Finding Pet-Friendly Carpeting

Adding new carpet is an easy way to rejuvenate the look and feel of any room in your home. But when you own pets, finding a quality carpet that is easy to maintain can be a tiring task. Read More >>

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